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In 2016, the gap narrowed, with Chinese exports to the country at .35 billion, against PSA records of imports of .56 billion or a discrepancy of .79 billion.The Bureau of Customs is now focusing on China, one of the Philippines’ largest trading partners, to check the gap in export volumes to the Philippines and the shipment figures officially reported here by importers, as part of its ongoing efforts to institute reforms in the agency, run after smugglers, and improve revenue collections.“I’ve asked (Customs Commissioner Isidro) Sid Lapeña to invite his Chinese counterpart to sit down and review the data,” Dominguez had told reporters.Lapeña earlier reported to Dominguez during one of the Department of Finance’s (DOF) regular Execom meetings last month that the wide discrepancy between China’s recorded exports and imports to the Philippines may be attributed to the gross misdeclaration or undervaluation of goods in terms of either volume or weight; and the possible use of “consignees for hire,” which leads to goods released to “hidden” traders and not to the consignees on record.You can use the same technique if you system is slow in shutting down, watching the output to see where it stalls or pauses for too long.As with so many problems that can arise, it's easier to find an answer once you know the problem.

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“These numbers, we’re not sure if they’re apples to apples.

Official 2014 records alone of the UN Comtrade World Exports showed a gap of P1.8 trillion between the value of imports as reported locally and the value of shipments to the Philippines by exporting countries.